Introduction of Northern Europe Nail Salon hokune and Shinohara

· hokune stands for “Hokuou(Nordic in Japanese)” and “Nail”. Owner SHINO who likes Northern European launched Nail Salon specialized in Scandinavian style.

· Started in Aoi, Nagoya-ku, Nagoya in 2015

· Moved to Sakae in the center of Nagoya in 2016

· At the same time launched a short nail studio kotoris at a sister shop

· From 2017, turned into a style to travel all over Japan. It goes around Hyogo, Kumamoto, Nagoya, Tokyo and so on.

· From December 2017, moved to Osaka.

· Held nail · seminar mainly in overseas from February 2018. Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.

· Since April 2018, changed to a style with only gypsy style without having a store.

The thought of hokune

“When I was a child, I painted pictures on my nails with magic, painted my favorite color, and I was excited about my nails ..”

Even now that throbbing at that time and exciting was grown up.

Nail is a small canvas.

Nails that can be seen any time without passing through a mirror.

You can feel a small crush in your life by wearing your favorite designs and art there.

We propose such excitement.

Like changing seasons living pictures.

While maintaining your nails, enjoy changing art together.

About Nordic design.

The temperature in Northern Europe is lower than in Japan throughout the year, and it is a country where people often spends in the room.

In such Northern Europe, in order to spend comfortably indoors, many fabrics and wallpapers have warm designs treated with colorful things and flora and fauna.

Also, their colors and designs are different from those of Japan, and I was immediately fascinated by Scandinavian design.

By having Nordic designs and shades on small claws, I feel excited and excited.

We love such a Scandinavian design.

The shop fully incorporated elements of such a favorite Scandinavian design.

Please also enjoy interior decoration inside the store.

Well, we are artists. In case

It is a group that I love drawing and expressing. In case

Besides nails, I draw pictures, take pictures, and make things. In case

I am doing artist activities in my life.

In hokune I will incorporate such unique characteristics and complex arts into my nails that make use of these characteristics and can not be done by other salons.

The color also faithfully reproduces from the three primary colors, and it corresponds to various expressions such as fine line drawing and water color painting as well as replication.

Also cut and arrange it optimally while considering the size of your nails and your favorite art composition.

We will add a unique sense to nail art.

And they all do improvisation.

It’s like watching live paint.

Most customers are looking at nail art to devour themselves.

Please have your favorite designs and paintings with paintings and enjoy the nail art of new sensation once by all means.

You can see the past works with Instagram and Pintarest.

In addition, hokune is a nonacetone shop that is friendly to people and environment. In case

At the time of nailing off, do not use acetone, scrape a little by leaving the gel with a nail machine, and carefully drop the rest carefully so as not to hurt your nails by hand cutting.

Although off of nonacetone requires advanced technology, please rest assured that skilled artists will drop them safely with skilled skills. In case

Those who have come to attend hokune and have thin nails, have become able to enjoy gel nails for a long time. I listen carefully to your voice.

I think whether you would be satisfied with the customer who wants a unique nail that does not have anything else.

I am waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

Northern Europe Nail Salon hokune